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EX8 Minutes Oxygen Mask


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Why we love it: All the benefits of a 20 minute sheet mask session in just 8 minutes?! Count us in, because that's exactly what this whole series of lightweight silk masks promises. Arbutin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B, neroli extract make this mask an instant brightening and detoxifying boost.

Benefits: brighten dark spots, revive and detox dull complexion

Skin Concerns: Pigmentation, Oily

Superstar Ingredients: 

Arbutin brightens uneven skin tones and tones down redness

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in skin and retains skin moisture levels 1000 times its weight

Algae Extract nourishes and revitalizes skin with Vitamin B and trace elements and minerals

Neroli Extract is a naturally occurring botanical extract that balances oily complexions and rejuvenates and regenerates skin



Customer Reviews

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Great alternative to other oxygen skincare out there

I’m a huge fan of this mask because it really reminds me of a similar Bliss product except it’s more affordable and easier to use, and even delivers better results! I love that I just need 8 minutes and that I can just take off my mask and pat in the rest of the essence instead of having to leave a product on for 20 mins and then go through the hassle of washing it off