Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+

Dr Wu

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Sample size available! Sample is in a 5ml dropper bottle.

Why we love it: This amazing formulation erases pigmentation and dark spots, bringing a radiant glow to skin over time! The exclusive Immuno-Whitening Formula contains five advanced patented ingredients including Edelweiss Extract to effectively lighten pigmentation among the many layers of skin. 

Benefits: lightens pigmentation, brightens overall complexion

Skin Concerns: PigmentationAnti-Aging

Superstar Ingredients: 

VC-Laseryl mimics multi-stage laser therapy for lightening pigmentation 

Edelweiss Extract is a plant with excellent anti-inflammatory capabilities that prevent irritation induced pigmentation and calm enflamed skin

Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate is a derivative of azelaic acid recommended by dermatologists for clearing up acne-prone skin and lightening pigmentation from scars

Codiavelane is a marine moisturizing factor derived from green algae that provides long lasting hydration


Customer Reviews

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Sensitive, rosacea prone skin is less red

As someone with really sensitive and red skin, I've always been searching for a brightening, skin tone evening treatment that didn't aggravate my rosacea. I only use this once every few days but I really think it helps with my redness! I think the edelweiss and algae extract really helps tone down the harshness and my skin looks less angry and more bright and alive. I only use a few drops (all you need, really) so this will last a long time!