Hand-Picked Glow Kits

 Here at Miirushop, we carry over 200 sheet masks and face masks from Taiwan! Here are a couple of our recommended Glow Kits, or sheet masks sets, for you to try :)
When we selected the masks for this Rosy Pink Cheeks! Glow Kit, we made sure to keep all skin types in mind. Our skin can change quite a bit throughout the month, and we've always wanted to curate a Glow Kit that covers all those problems. Feeling oily one week? No problem, we chose a mask for that. Not sleeping well and have dull skin? Got you covered.
When AM Piggyhead came out with this new line of masks and we saw that each of the masks featured a Taiwanese village/county, we just had to get them! Many Taiwanese ingredients are sourced from these areas as well. Take a tour through Taiwan with us when you use this Glow Kit!
We curated this classic line as soon as we experienced the gentle soothing and balancing of each of these masks. Formulated with different strains of teas and calming botanicals like lavender and chamomile, these masks are perfect for any skin type!
In parts of Taiwan near the ocean, the healing answer for skin issues is sometimes the ocean water. These masks contain the ocean water of Taiwan in them for a nourishing masking experience. Take the Taiwanese oceanside home with you with this Glow Kit!