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Why we love it: We've tried many pore strips but always come back to My Scheming for an effective, painless process that doesn't leave our skin raw or red! This 3-step pack contains

1. A warming deep pore sebum softener, which exfoliates dead surface skin cells to prepare your pores.  

2. A cooling bamboo charcoal activated mask, which absorbs dirt and impurities.

3. A skin clarifying pore treatment essence filled with soothing ingredients like witch hazel, niacinamide, cucumber extract, and allatonin for tightening pores and refining skin texture.

Superstar Ingredients:

Charcoal draws out dirt, oil, and blemishes without over-drying, leaving you with clear and radiant skin

Witch Hazel is a plant that speeds skin healing, banishes bacteria that cause acne, and prevents signs of aging by stopping cellular damage

Niacinamide is extremely beneficial for aging skin and works to tighten pores, smooth uneven skin texture, and restore skin integrity

Cucumber Extract contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling

Allatonin is a plant extract with skin soothing and skin cell healing and regeneration properties

Set contains: 1 Blackhead Removal 3 Step Pack (1 piece)


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Highly Recommended

It's not like the 'typical' nose strips I've used in the past. This one, as the package states, is 3 steps. Step 1 is a prepping solution that you apply to your cleansed face. Let it sit for 10 minutes then massage in for about 2 minutes. This solution is actually peculiar, in the sense that it looks and feels like a toner, but after the 10 minutes, when you're massaging it in, it feels like a balm. It has a light lemon scent and as you're massaging it in there's a warming sensation. It contains Papaya Enzymes that dissolve oil & dirt. It also promotes normal metabolism of skin keratin and recuperation of skin.

After rinsing Step 1 off, Step 2 is a black 'mud' that you apply evenly. Allow it to dry, then peel it off. It contains natural active Bamboo Charcoal that absorbs dirt & other impurities while helping to control oil secretion. It too has a light lemon scent and a cooling effect as it dries. And unlike those other peeling strips, this mud did not hurt or make my eyes water when I peeled it off.

The 3rd Step is a soft cotton strip that's soaked in a moisturizing essence. It contains Witch Hazel, Cucumber Extract, Allantoin & Niacinamide. It deeply hydrates & moisturizes your skin while also restoring its elasticity. Giving you plumper, healthier & more radiant skin. The essence is nice & thin and didn't leave any type of residue behind. It absorbed quickly and left my nose feeling soothed. I've tried so many nose strips and NONE of them have ever worked this good. If you struggle with an oily T~Zone like me, then you should definitely try this. I highly recommend it. I will be ordering a lot more!