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maskingdom taiwanese aboriginal sheet mask set 2 step

Maskingdom Taiwanese Aboriginal Set


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Why we love it: The perfect anti-aging set! These gorgeously designed, 2-step mask-serum combo masks are full of elegant floral and botanical Taiwanese extracts formulated for skin firming and toning. Powerful ingredients such as Niacinamide and Allantoin work to control oily complexions, calm existing breakouts, and repair the skin barrier.


Bamboo Leaf contains rich anti-aging factors which repair damage and build up a healthy skin

Houttuynia helps skin detox, purify, and repair skin's oil and water balance

Calendula is an anti-inflammatory flower that works to soothe and repair cracked and red skin

Bitter Melon is a traditional medicine that contains high amounts of saponins for potent anti-aging abilities

Pigeon Pea Extract reduces the loss of hyaluronic acid and provides long lasting moisture and hydration

Niacinamide is extremely beneficial for aging skin and works to tighten pores, smooth uneven skin texture, and restore skin integrity

Sorghum replenishes skin and repairs skin barrier to protect against environmental damage

Lily delicately nourishes and regenerates skin by soothing irritation and redness and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles

Allantoin is extracted from a traditional herb called Comfrey that softens, soothes, and protects skin while stimulating skin cell regeneration

Set contains: 

Taiwanese Aboriginal Caviar & Taro Facial Mask

Taiwanese Aboriginal Bitter Melon & Pigeon Pea Facial Mask

Taiwanese Aboriginal Ginger Lily & Saw Palmetto Facial Mask

Taiwanese Aboriginal Lablab & Sweet Potato Facial Mask

Taiwanese Aboriginal Taiwan Guava & Black Tea Facial Mask

Taiwanese Aboriginal Lily & Sorghum Facial Mask

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