Maskingdom Chinese Medi Set B

Maskingdom Chinese Medi Set B


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Why we love it: This luxurious set of 100% silk sheet masks is a modern take on Chinese traditional beauty. Treat your skin as the Ancient Chinese Empresses did with this set, which harness the power of exotic herbs and botanicals for glowing skin.


Gingko purifies toxins and calms down red, angry acne

Sea Fennel Extract produces amazing brightening and smoothing results

Roseroot contains powerful antioxidants that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Licorice naturally brightens the skin and evens out skin tone

Cinnamon regulates oil production, reduces acne, and smooths fine lines by plumping the skin 

Clove stimulates skin repair, gently smooths out rough skin texture, and prevents new acne from surfacing

Set contains:

Chinese Medi Peony & Lovage Rhizome Mask

Chinese Medi Roseroot & Liquorice Mask

Chinese Medi Cinnamon & Clove Mask

Chinese Medi White Tea & Ginseng Mask

Chinese Medi Gingko & Fungus Mask

Chinese Medi Elderberry & Angelica Mask

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Gorgeous set

These masks are so beautiful and have really helped my dry skin. They're pricier but are my little treat after a long and tiring week. Lots of essence and the fit is good