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L'Herboflore Fresh Cut Bouquet Glow Kit


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Why we love it: Pamper your skin with the delicate formulations of this Taiwanese-grown, flower-themed sheet mask set! Balance, refine, and brighten your skin as you mask your way through this fragrant set.


Orchid is an astringent natural plant extract full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and aging

Cherry Blossom is an anti-inflammatory that promotes collagen formation while inhibiting uneven skin tone

Rose Water naturally controls the pH level of skin to prevent excess production of sebum, and is an anti-inflammatory that soothes redness, rosacea, and eczema

Lotus is rich in plant polysaccharides and biotins that moisturize, revitalize, and brighten dull complexions

Trehalose is a naturally occurring moisturizer extracted from plants and filled with antioxidants

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in skin and retains skin moisture levels 1000 times its weight

Aloe Vera regulates sebum production while hydrating and soothing redness

Set contains:

Cherry Blossom Whitening Mask

Orchid Whitening Hydromask

Perfume Lotus Balancing Hydromask

Rose Water Refining Hydromask

Customer Reviews

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L'Herboflore Garden of Venus Flower Set

They're so beautiful!!

Can we talk about how pretty these masks are?? I almost don't want to use them because they're so beautifully packaged, but they're also really good sheet masks so it's ok in the end :) Super thin and full of essence, and really effective at giving me a bright glow

Love the brand, LOVE the set

I love love love this brand. The fit of the mask is perfect, there is tons of essence, the mask material is clingy and sheer but delivers the essence so well. It lasts a while and takes a good amount of time to dry out. These masks are some of the few I actually see instant results with. The set is a must-buy, it really gives you the full spectrum of the series and gives you a great opportunity to try them ALL. Will buy again. Plus, Miirushop delivers FAST and packages everything so cute :) my new favorite vendor.