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L'Herboflore Vitamin-Sea Glow Kit

L'Herboflore Vitamin-Sea Glow Kit


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Why we love it: Harness the regenerating natural power of the sea with this anti-aging sheet mask set! Nourish your skin with the goodness of Algae, Pearls, and Deep Ocean Water and prevent further signs of aging.


Algae Extract nourishes and revitalizes skin with Vitamin B and trace elements and minerals

Black Pearl gently illuminates skin while retaining moisture levels

Chamomile Extract is an anti-inflammatory flower that reduces skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals

White Willow Extract naturally contains salicylic acid for shedding dead skin cells and clearing pores and stimulates new cell formation

Chlorella nourishes and revitalizes skin with Vitamin B and trace elements and mineral

Deep Ocean Water is rich in vitamins and minerals and readily absorbed into the skin

MDI Complex is a marine enzyme that inhibits collagen breakdown and slow signs of aging

Oat is a natural anti-aging ingredient full of anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties

Set contains:

Marine Collagen Resilience Lift Mask

Chlorella Anti-Oxidant Firming Mask

Deep Sea Balancing Mask

Black Pearl Whitening Mask

Customer Reviews

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This brand has quickly become one of my favorites. I am so glad I went for the set and got a chance to use some of their best masks. This set is perfect because on some days you might need more hydration than others so go with the Marine Collagen mask. One day I felt super clogged up so I applied the Deep Sea Balancing mask for the cleansing Willow Bark. You will not be disappointed with these. Get the set, thank me later x