Dr. Hsieh High Concentration Variety Mask Set

Dr. Hsieh High Concentration Variety Mask Set

Dr Hsieh

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Why we love it: This high-powered set of sheet masks is absolutely amazing at addressing targeted skin concerns. Don't be fooled by the basic formulations - Dr. Hsieh's in-house research lab has distilled the purest, most effective botanical and floral extracts for maximum skin benefit. We created this set because we know that skin fluctuates over the month. This set has a super concentrated solution for all your acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, and anti-aging issues!


Centella asiatica is a plant traditionally used for wound healing and reducing swelling - just what a flare-up would need!

Calendula is an anti-inflammatory flower that works to soothe and repair cracked and red skin

Licorice naturally brightens the skin and evens out skin tone

Cirsium Japonicum Extract is clinically proven to reverse sun damage and lessen wrinkles

White Tea possesses incredibly potent antioxidant, anti-aging properties, keeping your skin bright and wrinkle-free

Peony brightens dull complexions and promotes healthy blood flow to the surface of the skin

Vitamin C lightens hyper-pigmentation and evens out skin tone

Arbutin brightens uneven skin tones and tones down redness

Evening Primrose fights acne, dry, flaky skin, and uneven skin tone

Yucca is traditionally used as a skin soothing ingredient that encourages skin regeneration and healing

Honey naturally controls oil production and is anti-bacterial

Trehalose is a naturally occurring moisturizer extracted from plants and filled with antioxidants

Cactus deeply hydrates and nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals

Set contains:

Botanical Anti-Allergy High Concentration Mask

Cirisium Japonicum Extremeley White High Concentration Mask

Hyaluronic Acid Long Lasting Hydrating High Concentration Mask

Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening High Concentration Mask

Peptide V Shaped Firming High Concentration Mask

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Super effective!

These sheet masks are comfortable and thin, so it doesn't feel suffocating like the other thicker sheet masks. The essence has no fragrance so it's great for sensitive skin. I've never tried Dr. Hsieh before but after trying this set, I'm impressed by the ingredients and they definitely deliver!


Get the value set, you'll save money plus gives you a chance to try multiple masks if you have not tried this brand. So far I love the texture of these sheet masks and most come with sufficient amount of essence thus stay put very well. They cost a little more but they have good ingredients and are super effective!