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maskingdom i wish set b 2 step sheet mask

Maskingdom I Wish Set B


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Why we love it: Indulge in the whimsical fun masking experience of these 2-step sheet mask+serum set! Each 100% natural silk mask contains exotic botanical extracts for refined, smooth, glowing skin!


Chamomile Extract is an anti-inflammatory flower that reduces skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals

Orange Essence is naturally high in Vitamin C, and lightens hyper-pigmentation and evens out skin tone

Tranexamic Acid removes pigmentation and acne scars to help you achieve an even and luminous skin tone

Seaweed Extract is a naturally occurring moisturizer filled with antioxidants that calm and soften skin

Lettuce Extract naturally moisturizes and nourishes skins with essential vitamins and minerals

Oat Extract is a natural anti-aging ingredient full of anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties

Grapefruit Extract is a powerful natural anti-ager that evens skin tone and fights free radicals

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in skin and retains skin moisture levels 1000 times its weight

Set contains:

I Wish Bosom Friend Mask

I Wish Happy Birthday Mask

I Wish Lucky Charm Mask

I Wish Woo Mask

I Wish Lohas Mask

I Wish Having a Baby Mask

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