What's the difference between Taiwanese Beauty and Korean Beauty?

Hey Asian Beauty fans! We're here to answer one of the biggest question in the AB space - how exactly is T-Beauty different from K-beauty?

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Glad you asked! One of the huge reasons they're different lies in the beauty cultures. The culture of Korean beauty is largely influenced by Korean popular culture's music and TV stars, while the culture of Taiwanese beauty has a very specific focus on health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Taiwan, "Skincare" means "Self Care Product."

In Taiwan, '保養品‘ (Mandarin Chinese: bao yang pin) are the characters for 'skincare,' but none of those characters actually translate to 'skin'! Those characters actually translate directly to 'product which preserves our health and maintains our beauty.' In Taiwan, skincare is really seen as a part of a holistic health regime, or literally, a self-care product. Quite a different way to think of skincare, isn't it?

Taiwanese Skincare Principles = Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles

What can the translation of skincare tell us about T-Beauty? It shows that skincare is seen as a component of overall health in Taiwan. How is health viewed in Taiwan? It's a system strongly based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Taiwan is one of the only countries in the world with health insurance that covers both TCM and Western doctors. Taiwanese people will almost always prefer to see a TCM doctor for their health concerns (non-life threatening, of course!) Taiwanese people believe health ailments are a signal of imbalance, and use TCM to naturally realign their bodies. 

This philosophy towards health shows up strongly in Taiwanese skincare. For example, brands emphasize the development of products that gently balance your skin type rather than focusing on fixing your skin imperfections as quickly as possible.

T-Beauty and K-Beauty - similar in appearance and different in all else! 

Hope this clears things up a bit! As you can see, although Taiwanese skincare has many similar 'steps' in skincare products (essences, creams, sheet masks, etc), the beauty culture behind T-beauty is totally different!

Let us know in the comments what other T-beauty questions you have. We're excited to demystify the world of Taiwanese skincare for you! 

Want to listen to Eden, Miirushop founder, speak about this subject?

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