Skincare Meditation Basics

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Breathing Basics for Skincare

Skincare can be tricky to get right for *your* skin and *your* lifestyle.

What type of skin do I have this month? How many steps should I include in my routine? How many more products do I need to research and buy? Is this product even available in my country? Do I want to spend that much money on my skin? The list goes on.

Here at Miirushop, we totally get that everyone’s skin is different, and that even your own skin can change on you quickly! With this in mind, we hand-pick each and every product with all skin types and lifestyles in mind.

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 We spend hours and hours and hours of time on research, testing, curating, and translating (linguistically and culturally!) our Taiwanese beauty product selection :)

But all the products aside, we’ve discovered ONE skincare secret that is incredibly game changing for all skin types and best of all, accessible to everyone.

This game changer isn’t something that you need to buy, or something that you need to dedicate more time in your routine for. It’s definitely available in your country. And it’s free! That skincare game changer is…


Skin issues can be caused by imbalances or blockages of energy in your body. By activating a deeper breath, you can open up the channels of the body and allow your energy to flow. A clear path for energy to flow in your body will promote healthier skin.

For example, we all know that stress can take a toll on skin. Think about the last time you were stressed. Did you feel tight, tense, and have a shallow breath? In this instance, your energy was blocked, and not flowing as freely. Next time you notice you are stressed, start taking deep breaths, and notice how you feel. Breathe into the corners of your body and imagine your breath, your energy, is traveling freely through your body. Your breath is a wonderful tool to minimize stress, and less stress = healthier skin!

Here’s how to step up your skincare routine by following these basic breathing guidelines as you work your way through your skincare routine:

  1. Make sure your spine is long and straight for full breathing 
  2. Take deep breaths all the way to your abdomen
  3. Continue to breathe deeply through your routine

 Mindful Masking Eden Harmony Meditation Skincare

Mindful masking at one of our latest events in San Francisco

If you’ve been following along the Miirushop journey, you’ll know that we’ve been giving Mindful Masking and Skincare Meditation classes all around the country/world! In these classes, students learn how to truly embody the essence of Taiwanese beauty and health by learning how to meditate. We show students how to direct their energy to their skin and how to maximize the efficacy of their skincare routines through just their breath.

We’d love to stop by your city to share these meditation classes with you. Please let us know in the comment section below where you’d like us to bring Mindful Masking and Skincare Meditation next!

Here’s to your well being :)


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