The (Kind of Controversial) Guide to Maskne

What's the deal with maskne? In this article, I'll go over why you have maskne and how you can get rid of it once and for all.

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What's Maskne?

With the new world of wearing masks in our everyday lives, we have all at one point or another struggled with mask acne a.k.a maskne.

But why is this happening?

Why am I Getting Maskne?

The reason why people get maskne is because our skin is interpreting our mask as another heavy moisturizer.

We normally layer products from lightest to heaviest, starting with our watery toners and working our way up to heavier creams and moisturizers. Why? Because we want to seal in moisture to keep our skin hydrated and the heaviest final layer seals in all of the other products.

However, like anything, too much is never a good thing. Our masks act as another heavy moisturizer when it seals in the moisture from your breath. (Gross...but it keeps us safe!)

That, combined with all of the products from your skincare routine can be too much hydration and moisture for your skin to handle, resulting in your skin breaking out more than usual.

How do I Get Rid of Maskne?

Warning - some of these measures are a bit drastic, but desperate times call for desperate measures!


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Alrighty, ready for some tips? I arranged them from least controversial to most controversial ;)

1. Apply less skincare products - With maskne, less is more. Using less products will help your skin feel less overwhelmed with the extra moisture being trapped in your mask. Go about your usual routine but put less product on your lower face. This tip is especially important for people who wear masks for long periods of time!

2. Cut down on moisturizer/oils/occlusives - If you're struggling with maskne, try using a lighter or thinner moisturizer, like a gel moisturizer. Heavier cream moisturizers potentially might not even be necessary - face masks are like wind guards. Less wind = less moisture loss = less need for occlusives.

3. Wear less SPF or none at all - Yeah, I said it!! Look, first of all, if you're wearing your mask aka a lower face sunshield for a long period of time AND you're indoors, there's little to no need for SPF. Second of all, SPFs, especially sweat proof ones, have ingredients that try their best to adhere to your face and not slide off throughout the day. That adhesion can be thought of as yet another heavy product sealing everything in, making maskne worse.

Of course, your skin knows best! Try experimenting with these tips in the order I listed. Let me know if you see improvement! 

Wishing you health and great skin,
Eden @ Miirushop

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