Our Newest Clean Beauty Curation - WAN

Sheet masks that are highly effective, non-toxic, and naturally derived

As the head curator at Miirushop, it’s safe to say I love Taiwanese skincare products. And as a farmers-market-going, organic granola-eating, California-raised girl, it’s also safe to say I have a soft spot for clean beauty in my heart and on my vanity.


That’s why I’m super excited to introduce my newest curation at Miirushop - it’s a Taiwanese beauty brand and clean! Meet WAN’s sheet mask:


WAN san francisco sheet mask collagen-boost miirushop taiwanese beauty skincare

Before we dive into the sheet mask, what exactly is “clean” Asian beauty?

Products that are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free can be classified as clean beauty. But is there a difference between Western and Asian clean beauty? I like to think of clean Asian beauty as products that combine the cutting edge formulations found in Asian beauty with the eco-friendly vibes of clean beauty.

Western clean beauty is great at getting rid of fluff ingredients that could potentially cause harm. Skin-irritating fragrances and alcohols and certain synthetic ingredients like parabens are nowhere to be found in their formulas. However, it can be hard to find Western clean beauty products that are affordable and effective. Thus, clean Asian beauty can be an amazing option for those of us looking for ethical and safe high performing products without breaking the bank!

taiwanese skincare t-beauty t beauty miirushop review

Enter WAN, our newest curated clean Asian beauty brand!

I’m super excited to introduce WAN’s sheet mask at Miirushop! WAN is a woman-owned brand that has created a wonderful mask that truly feels like self-care while being effective and friendly for our planet. WAN products are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and compostable!

Their Collagen-Boost Green Mask naturally helps combat signs of aging and leaves skin with a long-lasting glow. I love their short ingredients list with natural goodies like ylang-ylang, for a relaxing masking experience, and superfoods spinach and blueberry, for naturally encouraging collagen production.

WAN san francisco collgen-boost sheet mask taiwanese beauty t skincare


The unique water-oil texture of the essence is amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it and am now convinced it is my favorite texture of skincare. It leaves me with the best non-sticky glow! If you’ve tried it, let me know what kind of words you use to describe it, as it’s almost indescribable for me!

What about the rest of Taiwanese beauty?

Animal testing is banned in Taiwan and Taiwanese brands heavily favor vegan-friendly botanical extracts and herbs as opposed to snail ingredients, bee products, or animal-derived collagen. Much of T-Beauty is low fragrance or fragrance free, and the products we curate at Miirushop are all free of alcohol, parabens, or dyes.

Let us know if you have any particular questions about any T-beauty. Happy skincare-ing!


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