June Mask Favorites!

Whether you have a huge sheet mask stash, or just a few, we'd like to invite you to join us in the #JuneMaskChallenge! 

Along with Instagram bloggers @beautimel and @myskincarechronicles, Miirushop is excited to be hosting a sheetmask challenge for this month. Just follow the themes of each day to pick the sheetmask you post about that day! 

Participants will be entered for a chance to win prizes like mask packages and a gift card to Miirushop. Check out the days in our Instagram post: 

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Here at Miirushop, I'm joining in on the masking fun too! Here are my picks for the month.

1. Tropical - Dr Hsieh Energy of Fruits and Veg Deep Hydrating Lotion Mask

2. Luxury - L'Herboflore Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask

3. Waste of $ - All our curated products are worth the dough! Check out our Sets if you want to save even more $$$

4. Sweet Tooth - L'Herboflore Sweetie Strawberry Whitening Mask

5. Best Fitting - Lovemore Pearl Barley and Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet

6. Mud/Clay - My Scheming Clarifying Astringent Bubble Mud Mask

7. Fruits/Veggies - Timeless Truth Apple Collagen

8. Multi-Step - Neogence MPA Radiance Kit

9. Black Mask - CY Lab Top Luxury Mask - Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate

10. Wash-Off - Annie's Way Jelly Mask Set

11. Tea Time - Dr. Hsieh Cirisium Japonicum Extremeley White High Concentration Mask

12. Go To - Dr. Wu Extreme Hydrate Bio-Cellulose Mask With Hyaluronic Acid

13. Medicinal - Maskingdom Chinese Medi Roseroot and Liquorice

14. Heaven Scent - Pandia Scent of Paradise Forest Phytoncides and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

15. Budget Friendly - Neogence Rainbow Set

16. Holy Grail - Dr. Hsieh Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening High Concentration Mask

17. Bubble/Foam - My Scheming Vital Astringent Bubble Mud Mask

18. Sleeping Mask - Dr. Wu Help Me Stop My Skin's Thirst Deep Moisture Butter Mask - to come in our next curation!

19. Double Mask - My Beauty Diary Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Firming Eye Mask, My Beauty Diary Squalene Restorative Mask

20. Gold/Diamond - My Scheming Gold Bird's Nest Nourishing Black Mask, Gold Snail Essence Hydrating Black Mask

21. Peel-Off/Modeling - My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Set

22. Eye/Nose/Lip - My Scheming Blackhead Removal 3 step pack

23. Herbal - Maskingdom Chinese Medi Green Bean and Sheng Di Huang

24. Wonders of the Sea - Pandia Scent of Paradise Deep Sea Extract and Pearl Brightening Mask

25. Hydrogel - Sexylook Hydrogel Mask Variety Set

26. Skin Emergency - Dr. Hsieh Mandelic Acid Anti-Acne High Concentration Mask

27. Foot - My Scheming Brightening Baby Foot Mask

28. Pore Care - My Scheming Pore Minimizing Black Mask

29. Soothing/Healing - Maskingdom Ginger Lily and Saw Palmetto Facial Mask

30. Ultimate Summer Mask - AM Piggy Head Kenting Surfing Glacial Crystal Ice Soothing Facial Mask

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