How Good Skincare Can Re-Balance Your "Skin-Type"

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Changing Skin Types

What skin type do you consider you have right now? Dry? Oily? Sensitive? Combo? With summer fast approaching, do you find your skin type to be changing?

With the weather, stress, and monthly cycles, our skin never really is a fixed 'type.' You'll even go through skin phases through your life where your skin type can drastically change! (Puberty, anyone?)

The Taiwanese Beauty Take on Oily Skin

One of the main philosophies of Taiwanese beauty and skincare is that skin types aren’t ‘types’ forever but just skin imbalances that can slowly be re-balanced.

We can see this is especially the case with oily skin types - in Taiwanese beauty, oily skin is seen as a symptom of hydration imbalance in the skin, thus indicating dehydration or dryness. Such skin has become dry to the point that the skin has begun trying to self-balance and self-regulate by producing oil.

Consistent use of hydrating products on oily skin may seem counterintuitive at first, but as we continue to build up the moisture content of the skin, skin will no longer need to produce oil to overcompensate for dryness! By using hydrating products on oily skin, you can help your skin re-balance itself back towards a more normal state.

The Community's Opinion

But don't just take our word! Check out what our skincare community had to say in our latest post:


@shoppingalot2 - I have oily skin and when I take care of it well I have seen it become so better and almost normal. so I agree with this Taiwanese beauty philosophy of balance.

@myglowguide - For a long time I thought very oily skin would be a lifelong thing for me. Light layers of hydrating products and not being harsh with my skin has made my skin less oily over time. Skin balancing is possible if skin is treated right!

@najwa_beautydiaryI agree with the Taiwanese Beauty Philosophy of Balance! As much as we care about our skin, I believe our skin type will change according to it. As for myself, I used to have skin that prone to oily but now I think the sebum production is calmed down a bit, so happy of it!

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The Right Skincare for Other Skin Types

If you don't have oily skin, don't worry! Neogence makes a large range of affordable, effective skin-balancing sheet masks. Our favorite and best-selling sheet masks for the following skin types below!

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